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Try it Thursday: Take it away

I feel like we are always being asked to do more. Many times for very good reasons. Add a little of this, try more of that, supplement here, pick up some of these…¬†What if on today’s Try it Thursday I challenge you to take something away? I know I have some things I could do less of. If I do, I am sure that you may too. Just for a day, let’s take something away. Who knows, it may even start a new healthy habitude ūüôā

Here’s a few examples to consider:DSC_4707-2-3079053806-O

1. Take away the soda; regular and diet
2. Take away the salt. Do not add it to any off your foods today.
3. Take away the T.V. Go for a walk, read more, call a friend, go to bed early, talk to your spouse; the list goes on.
4. Take away gluten, processed sugar, caffeine, or¬†alcohol. Just try eliminating these potentially harmful and empty foods for a day…or maybe two?:)
5. Take away your workout planned for today. What?! Are you a slave to your routine? The benefits of changing your routine are many. First, you combat boredom, thus achieving success in sticking with your program for the long haul. Lastly, you can prevent injury by switching things up. I challenge you to try a new spin class, have you even thought of diving into a swimming pool? Maybe you should click on my fitness category and find something interesting to do today. Take away your plan!

I would love to hear what you take away today!

Your Trainer,

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  • Loving the LIST! I took away negative people and circumstances yesterday and trying that today too! Thanks!

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