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Try it Thursday: New Year Thoughts

Last year I had the privilege to invite several of my large group fitness class attendees (aka, friends!) out to dinner after one of our rigorous evening sweat sessions before the holidays.  Many of them brought their significant others and members of their families. During our time together, I had everyone fill out a festive sheet of paper writing down some thoughts that they had for the upcoming new year. Those thoughts could be called, “New Year’s Resolutions”, “Goals for 2012”, “Things To Do”, or even “Dreams.” Truly, the title was whatever called to them.  I can’t tell you how much fun it was to see everyone shift in their seat with an uncomfortable twinge of, “Oh great, New Year’s Resolutions”…to a silence as they diligently filled out their papers and concluded that, “this was pretty cool.”training

You see, the fun is that I have held onto everyone’s goals and have the privilege of delivering them back to each one of them this year!  Each one of them have the opportunity to see if they were able to accomplish some of the large and small feats that they set out to at the beginning of the year. While this was fun and the group built some community that night, I ultimately hoped that people were able to achieve some of the goals that they set for themselves this last year; in all the areas of wellness that we talk about at Habitude! (emotional, intellectual, occupational, physical, spiritual, and social.)

As a trainer and as an individual, I truly believe in setting goals and vision casting. Visualization is huge for me in obtaining my objective. For this week’s Try it Thursday, I encourage you to do a similar exercise with your family or group of friends.  Nominate a “Holder of the Goals”, and have that person divvy the papers back out to everyone the following year. If that doesn’t sound like something you are up for, then just do the exercise on your own. But again, I encourage you to write these things down, and have fun with your goals.  They should be serious and obtainable. They should be what you value in life.  But in a year when you go to open up your envelope, I really want the future you to smile.

Who loves Fridays?!

Get excited about the New Year!!

Really give this some thought…I want you to set goals, dream, visualize, and desire!

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t. You’re probably right.”- Henry Ford

Your Trainer,

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  • Happy New Year, Cassie. Thanks for all your positive thoughts and ideas! Can’t wait to get back to your classes when I return.

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