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Try it Thursday: Moving Before Breakfast!

Before breakfast today, tomorrow or sometime this week, get crackin – even for just a few minutes!

Go for a walk (yes, in the cold if you are here in Lake County with me!), a jog, or try this Tabata training drill. This does not take the place of your normal workout routine that is to come. This is a bonus round!

If you are unfamiliar with Tabata training, here is a link to a formal definition of its founder and benefits of its grounded results:


Each drill is 20 seconds with a 10 second recovery.  Each 20 seconds should be maximum effort…not easy work here! Go hard! For a true Tabata drill do 8 rounds for a total of 4 minutes. Come on, you can carve 4 minutes out of your day! You really don’t have to even get dressed… “Try it!”

1. High knees; arms straight up in the air

2. Mountain climbers, alternating knees to opposite elbows

3. Squat Jumps

4. Push ups

5. Plank

6. Back lunge to a front kick; right leg

7. Back lunge to a front kick; left leg

8. High knees; arms straight up in the air

(Feel free to modify in any way necessary for your fitness level!) Remember, if you do not do this Tabata training drill, just give something a try. This is in addition to your regular routine!

pj's and playing...Let's do it!

pj’s and playing…Let’s do it!

I am so confident that these small yet mighty changes can yield big results not only in your physical body, but how you go about the rest of your day as well. Let me know how this goes and let’s get moving in the morning!

Your Trainer,



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  • I’m totally going to try this tomorrow morning. Gotta start getting the wedding body going!!! It’s never too early to start right?!

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