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Are You Running Too Hard? Is It Time To Slow Down?

5:00 a.m. the alarm goes off…

I teach an early morning cycle class on Monday mornings. Sometimes it is easy to rise for it…sometimes it proves to be more difficult;)  However, once I am there I am always in good company and ALWAYS glad I am involved in this. After this early morning class, the day continues to evolve much like I am sure your’s does.  Before you know it, you are home at night wondering where the day went.sunset

I am actually involved in many good things.  Work is a good thing, fitness is good, friends are good, neighbors are good, family is a good thing, church is good, volunteering is good.  Most things that come up are considered good things in my life.

I have a confession. I feel that in order for me to provide a space for all of you to seek out wellness, I need to show a posture that I too am a work in continual progress. Lately, I have been pulled into too many directions and have not been maintaining the proper balance to allow the space in my life to feel how happy I should be. I have simply been too rushed! I am not wired this way and I know it.  I am the type of person who indeed likes to have several projects in the works, and many people to see.  I am also the type of person that needs and craves quiet time…alone time. Time that is spent not checking off a list but rather praying, reading a book, or walking the dog so that I can be out in nature.

Lately however, I have had a difficult time saying “no” and have crept back into some of my old patterns of doing too much because they are all “good” things.  This provides me little time and energy for rest, recovery, and rebooting.  When I think I am resting, my mind is elsewhere and this is not a healthy place to be.  I know that I personally require specific ways to slow down, unwind and connect physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally each day; each week.

Many of you know from personal relationships with me, or from reading my introduction that I have some chronic health issues that I am battling.  One way that I deal with them on a daily basis is to compartmentalized them.  For example, I take how I feel, and put it in a “box” so not to think about it.  I can then go about work, relationships, and so on.  Truly, this is not very healthy.  When I start running so hard and forget to create an awareness about how I feel I begin to get sick and quite frustrated (as anyone could).  Not dealing with our physical being or even our emotional state can effect our relationships.  Again, I confess I was doing too much and it was reflecting in how I was feeling and how I was projecting at home…my most important place.

I confess this to you friends because I truly want to encourage us all to pause and reflect where we are at today.  Many of us are right on track, exactly where we need to be.  Many of us need to make some adjustments in our life.  Perhaps you are unsure.  If that is the case, I encourage you to have a conversation with someone who you trust and ask them how you are doing in this area of your life.  Ask that person for honest feedback,  and be ready for it. I have a couple of “truth tellers” in my life, and it is a privilege to have them walking with me. I often ask for their advice and opinions on an array of matters.  WARNING: Sometimes the truth hurts, but we are on a journey of wellness and growth!

I recently realized how I was feeling, and what the cost was to my choices and behaviors.  I confessed to my husband and he acknowledged that I was not myself and showed me grace…again:)  Now the turning point; time to make some adjustments and changes so that I can have space to “slow down.”DSC_1859-2201014598-O

Again I ask, “are you running too hard in any way?  Is it time to slow down?”
Reflect and respond: How are you wired to recharge?

Your Trainer,


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  • Thanks for the inspiration (AGAIN!) and the song clip! 🙂 You are the Best – take care of yourself so you can help others do the same!

    • Thanks LeAnn. Balance is key for me!
      The more I strive for this, the more “well” I am and more well rounded. Thanks again for your encouragement in everything!

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