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Try it Thursday: Good for You Christmas Themed Eats!

On this week’s Try it Thursday, we are introducing some foods that are not only delicious, but are full of nutrients, and are anti-aging!  I also tried to incorporate a little bit of Christmas magic into these items. Look for the richness of color (red and green anyone?!), polyphenols, and nutrients found in each item.


1. Wild Alaskan salmon
Fresh, frozen, or canned…canned is a steal! Red Sockeye fish feed on krill and algae…antioxidant!  This is good for decreasing aging; helping to decrease inflammation, decrease oxidation, and increase blood flow.
Omega 3 fats and vitamin D – good to fight diseases!

2. Walnuts “roasting on an open fire….?!”
Mega vitamin E and minerals.

3. Tea
Green, black, white, oolong, and peppermint! (Merry Christmas!!) antioxidant power!

4. Ginger root (juice it, add to many cooking dishes, or I add a little to my oats in the morning) – so much antioxidant power. Find creative ways to use this amazing root; it’s not just for the “Gingerbread man” this holiday season!
(You do not have to peel it!)

5. Dark leafy greens. Spinach and Kale. No comparison! Most nutrients per calorie!

I credit Dr. Ann as my primary source for this post.  Check out this video link for more information http://www.drannwellness.com/video.cfm?VideoID=86

On a busy day and hectic night I find myself coming home making a plate full of dark leafy greens and placing some canned salmon on top. A festive feast and I know I am doing something lean and nutritious. (Not to mention it is a 5 minute meal!) Try one food, try them all, Try it Thursday!
Your Trainer,

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  • I love this idea!! I love that it is a quick meal and healthy! I’m going to try it this week. Thanks, Cassie! 🙂

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