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As a fitness instructor and trainer, I love leading people in workouts and developing programs for them. However, today was my “day off.” No classes to teach, no clients to train. I got to choose my workout. Today was 12/12/12 and a beautiful sunny day in the northern suburbs of Chicago. No snow yet as we break the record of 283 consecutive days without snow. I could not think of anything better to do than ask my best friend  to join my in an interval run outdoors and then share the fun and challenge with you.




The interval challenge:

20 seconds of sprinting followed by 20 seconds of recovery.

If you are a beginner or would like to modify this workout to your fitness level, you could do this with fast paced walking followed by slower paced walking. Also, you could to this with any type of cardio equipment or activity. 20 seconds of increasing your intensity followed by 20 seconds of slower paced recovery. Start off with 8-10 of the “sprints” gradually being able to work up to 20.

I executed this challenge at the end of one of my group fitness classes and a large group of people ranging from all ages and fitness levels started to walk and run. When they completed their 8 rounds I had a lovely middle-aged woman approach me and say, “thank-you.” She went on to say I can do “that.” Her point was that the treadmill and miles upon miles may sound intimidating, but training like this was somehow doable.

I went on today to complete my personal best of this cardio interval…15- 20 second sprints. It is an incredibly challenging and very efficient workout! Please let me know if you find this interval useful or how you were able to adapt it!

Your Trainer,


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