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Try it Thursday: Get Some Extra Steps In!

Approximately 2,000 steps equal 1 mile. Many of us today (fortunately or unfortunately), have jobs where we are sitting much of the day. I would like for you to shift your way of thinking a bit. I like to call this changing our habitudes!

Weekend walk around the neighborhood...coffee in hand. Good start to any day!

Weekend walk around the neighborhood…coffee in hand. Good start to any day!

Try thinking like this: I am an active person, not just someone who works out or doesn’t. I seize every opportunity to move a little more!

Today I challenge you to park far away in every parking lot you come to. I know you have heard this theory before, but those steps can really add up! I don’t care if it is cold, snowing, raining, or what! An individual needs to get in 10,000 steps a day to achieve their weight loss and wellness goals. No more circling around the lot…park it in the back and go for it! I will too!

Send me pictures! Who can park the farthest away? Who walks to work? Any city commuters or dwellers willing to calculate their steps today?
I would love to hear your comments below!

Your Trainer,

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  • Cassie – Great info! For less than $20 you can get a pedometer that will measure your steps. They are available at any fitness or sporting good store/site and are a fun tool to use to see how far you go in a day.

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