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Try it Thursday: Your Military Inspired Workout

Your 1 mile run:


Warm up x 5 minutes (Walk or Jog)

Working off a rate of perceived exertion or “RPE” of  1-10 scale  (This is how hard you feel you are working.  My RPE level 10 may feel completely different than your level 10!)

Sprint .25 mile at level 6-8 ( remember, 10 is the hardest for you!)

Recovery x 2 minutes

Repeat 3 more times so that you have sprinted a total of 1 mile! (with a 2 minute recovery in between each sprint if and when needed.)

After your 1 mile sprinting run is completed, move immediately into this circuit:

10 push ups

10 squats

10 alternating step back lunges (Watch your knees! Keep them in line with your toes.)

10 jumping jacks

10 high knees

Repeat circuit 2 more times!


Photography by Mike Jauch (michaeljauchphotography.com)

Your Trainer,

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