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Try it Thursday: The All Day Challenge

Several of you have worked with me before and are familiar with the “All Day Challenage” as I have issued it out before. For others of you, it will be a new venture. In either case, I encourage all of us to try this challenge today!

1. Set a timer on your phone to go off every hour.

2. Every time that timer alarms, it is time to move! Here are a few examples: 10 push-ups; 10 crunches; 10 jumping jacks; 10 squats; 10 lunges; walk down the hall and back to your desk.

If you are doing 10 push-ups every hour in your office for 8-10 hours, you have accomplished a massive feat. However, 10 push-ups alone takes literally no time at all! I recommend that you do not do this challenge every waking hour, but rather your “active” waking hours.  I also recommend that you do not have to “drop and give me 10” in the grocery store if your timer goes off…however, if you are like my dedicated and good friend Moriah, you just might!

Push Up Challenge

I also encourage you not to feel silly at work. Set the standard at the office. Be the “active” person! If you do not have the privacy you need to feel comfortable enough to excute squats or push-ups, get up from your desk and take that quick walk every hour. Also, you could try executing this challenge on a day off to see how it goes! Either way, there is always something to push your limits.

Please let me know if you are up for the “All Day Challenge”, and let me know how you modified it to make it work for you!            

I am doing it too!

Your Trainer,

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  • GREAT idea! You can apply this to any habitual deficit! I’ve done something similar when I knew I wasn’t drinking enough water during the day. I would set my cellphone alarm frequently. When the alarm went off, I HAD to drink 8oz of water. It was a great way to break up a large task into smaller pieces. I’ve also done this method for cleaning! Hahahaha. Again, when the cellphone alarm went off, I had to put ten things away and throw ten things away. I’ve been chipping away at my disorganized basement using this method. 🙂 Thanks for the great advice, Cassie!!

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